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# SHORTS Women’s [shorts](category=bc-women-shorts) are perfect for numerous activities throughout the year, particularly during the summer months. So why not upgrade your shorts draw with our extensive collection of women’s shorts from [VERO MODA](category=bc-vero-moda-shorts), [ONLY](category=bc-only-shorts), [VILA](category=bc-vila-shorts), [OBJECT](category=bc-object), [SELECTED FEMME](category=bc-selected-femme-shorts) and [PIECES](category=bc-pieces-shorts)? Why not hit up the perfect pair of [denim](category=bc-women-denim-shorts) shorts from [NOISY MAY](category=bc-noisy-may-shorts) or opt for some relaxed style chino shorts, printed shorts or high waist belted shorts. If you’re after the ultra-cool casual look, pair an oversized t-shirt with some [cycle shorts](category=bc-women-cycle-shorts) and trainers to give you that urban-athleisure vibe.