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Object Collectors Item

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Selected Femme Black

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Vero Moda

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Vero Moda

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Vero Moda

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Vero Moda

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# JACKETS & COATS From [parkas](category=bc-women-outerwear-parka) and [puffers](category=bc-women-puffer-jackets) to [trenches](category=bc-women-outerwear-trenchcoats), [macs](category=bc-women-rain-coats) and [faux-fur coats](category=bc-women-fake-fur-jackets), we aren’t kidding when we say we have a great array of women’s jacket and coat options. [VERO MODA](category=bc-vero-moda-outerwear) and [SELECTED FEMME](category=bc-selected-femme-outerwear) offer the perfect new season trench coats with belted and cape styling. Perfect for layering, [VILA](category=bc-vila-outerwear) and [OBJECT](category=bc-object-outerwear) bring a range of easy lightweight denim jackets and blazers. And if it’s a statement piece you are wanting, [Y.A.S](category=bc-yas-outerwear) and [VERO MODA](category=bc-vero-moda-outerwear) have the ultimate [faux-fur coats](category=bc-women-fake-fur-jackets) and [teddy](category=bc-women-teddy-jackets) styles to keep you looking warm and feeling cool.